A structural edit – sometimes called a developmental edit – is an in-depth look at the big-picture stuff, such as the story arc and plotting, flow of narrative, timeline, structure, continuity, characterisation, pacing and voice. It aims to ensure you’re telling the story you want to tell in an effective and suitable way for your chosen genre and audience.

You will receive a lengthy and detailed report that makes suggestions for how to polish that final draft and an annotated version of the manuscript that highlights examples and demonstrates proposals from the report.

You should expect to have to engage in rewriting – and perhaps some rethinking – after a structural edit. My fees include consultation after you receive the edit.

If you are planning to self-publish you will require a copyedit after a structural edit (which I could also do), though a copyedit isn’t usually required before you submit a manuscript to publishers or agents.

Prices for structural edits start at $2000 for a 70,000-word novel.

For more information on hiring me to structurally edit your novel please use my contact form.

Note: I offer a discount to those who hire me to structurally edit and copyedit the same project.

"I learnt so much about writing and the process working with Lauren on A Certain Kind of Power and I am sure that I would never have got to this point without having had that experience."

– Ryan Butta, author

"Thank you Lauren Finger for being such a brilliant proofreader. Not only do you spot the inconsistencies and make suggestions, but I feel like I'm having a conversation with you as I go through it which makes it really enjoyable! And you spotted some real corkers."

– Shalini Boland, USA Today bestselling author of psychological thrillers

“Lauren’s report was very helpful and I have a clear sense of what to work on from this edit.”

– Lyss Morgan, writer and novelist

"I’m so grateful for both your attention to detail and the creative insight you’ve brought to my writing. Your ability to combine a focus on the micro and clarity to the macro issues is a real gift!"

– AJ Frazer, author

"Lauren has a keen eye for detail and her editing prowess will take your story to the next level. Passionate about good story telling, Lauren’s invaluable skills enable her to make your manuscript the best it can be. Thank you, Lauren, I wouldn’t be able to publish my novel without you."

– Carmel Smythe, author